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IPv6 in NZ

I just a quick survey of the top 500 sites in NZ (based on Alexa data) and I was disappointed to see that only two NZ based sites (excluding Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc) supported IPv6, geekzone.co.nz and nzsale.co.nz (Geekzone implemented its IPv6 via Cloudflare and NZ Sale through Akamai).

Come on people, it’s 2014. There’s no excuse not to support IPv6, especially with two RIRs on their last /8 and APNIC with ~13.5 million addresses remaining. What’s really worrying is that some of the major ISPS (Telecom, Vodafone, Orcon) don’t even have IPv6 on their public facing websites. I’d guess that their residential customers won’t be seeing IPv6 on their connections anytime soon and that CGN is a real possibility.

SiXXs down?

For some reason Sixxs.net seems to be down. I’m unable to connect my IPV6 tunnels to their PoP’s or connect to their website. Does anyone have any idea why they’re offline?

Update: Seems to be back up now. It’s safe to restart your aiccu now