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New postcodes compulsory for bulk mailers

Tv3 reported on this the other night, but I can’t find a link to the video clip. Apparently from July 1st, 2008 postcodes must be used when sending bulk mail to receive discounts. This is to force bulk mailers to move over to the new system which can be read easier by NZ Post.

According to the news clip residentual mail may also be affected by this change over. Mail can be lost in the mail system for months if the wrong/old postcode is used. Examples were given where there are ~18 Beach Rd’s in Auckland. Using the correct postcode allows mail sorters to send your letter to the right one.

More information here:

Postcode Database V2 updated

As a few people have pointed out in the comments there was an error in the initial release of the V2 postcode database, the suburb data had been lost along the way.

I’ve fixed the problem and updated the bzip2 and gzip files. I’ve also removed the mssql version as it never worked anyway. I’m not sure if the problem affects the csv version and I don’t have time to look at it now.


New Zealand Postcode Database (V2)

I’ve done a bit of work on the database, added a bit of information and corrected mistakes.

Thanks to Owen and others for help with the data.

If you find this data useful, please donate.

What’s new in V2

  • More accurate
  • Added GPS co-ordinates
  • Added PO Boxes and Private Bags
  • Added Rural postcodes
  • Removed regions (as some datasources labeled a city/town as one region and others differed.)

I’ve also taken the opportunity to include CSV and MSSQL formats, as well as MySQL.


I originally created the database as I needed street and suburb data for a project I was doing. No one else was stupid enough to spend that much time on it, so I took it on. NZ Post still has their PAF data, but are unlikely to release a free database of the postcodes.

Original Post
More info on NZ Addresses


nzpostcodes_v2.sql.gz (655KB)
nzpostcodes_v2.sql.bz2 (445KB)

CSV (1.07MB)

All efforts have been made to ensure that there are no errors, but there are no guarantees, if you need 100% accurate data please buy NZ Post’s PAF data.

[UPDATE 20/04/08]
As a few people have pointed out, there was no suburb data in the MySQL database version of the postcode database. This has now been fixed. Sorry about the problems and how long it’s taken me to get around to fixing it.