I’ve been playing around with the last few days. I have been trying to get a standalone version working so I could package it up and puppetize it. Unfortunately a lot of the standalone jar builders failed (java hell).

I finally found that it’s been released here:

I whipped up a basic rpm to use this and install an init script etc:

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  1. Stephen

    Hi. I came a cross this very interesting blog while searching for a csv file of Locaion/Regions in NZ..

    I saw the post codes list.. But I am looking for a list that has Region/District/Suburb so that I can incorporate them into drop down fields in a new website I am building.. like are used in TradeMe Property Eg Choose
    Northland and you get a 2nd list
    Far North

    Then under each of those you get the appropriate suburbs..

    Anyone have such a list.. 🙂 Would be most appreciated, or if you could tell me where to get such a list..

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