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Chorus Cabinet locations

Here are the list of the existing Chorus (previously Telecom NZ) cabinets: http://www.chorus.co.nz/file/3194/existing_distribution_cabinet_list_may_2012.xlsx

The coordinates of the cabinets are in NZ Map Grid format and can be converted here: http://apps.linz.govt.nz/coordinate-conversion/index.aspx?IS=NZMG&OS=WGS84&IO=NE&IC=H&IH=-&OO=NE&OC=H&OH=-&PN=N&IF=T&ID=+&OF=H&OD=+&CI=Y&do_entry=Enter+coordinates&DEBUG=&ADVANCED=0 (with X being the Easting and Y being the Northing)

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