Monthly Archives: May 2013

Edgecast Transact

So Edgecast has announced a new product today, a separate CDN just for e-commerce sites.

As Telecom Ramblings puts it:

The new network is based on their existing CDN technology, but built on an entirely separate network infrastructure tuned specifically for the site acceleration and transaction needs of online retail sites. In other words, it’s aimed at enterprises tired of sharing a least-common-demoninator fast lane with everything from cute cat videos to gaming updates to whatever it is kids listen to these days.

Am I the only one who reads this as a lack of confidence in their core CDN product or are they trying to differentiate themselves from other CDNs? To me a CDN should be able to handle any traffic that you throw at it and if you are getting slow downs then it’s time to find a new CDN.

I would rather my CDN put more time and money into their core product than branching off and building a completely separate network. What’s next, a sports CDN? News CDN? Porn CDN?

Chorus Cabinet locations

Here are the list of the existing Chorus (previously Telecom NZ) cabinets:

The coordinates of the cabinets are in NZ Map Grid format and can be converted here: (with X being the Easting and Y being the Northing)