VLC Airplay on Airport Express

There is a way to stream music to your airport express from VLC (means you don’t have to install iTunes).

Under preferences > all > stream output enter this in the “Default stream output chain”:

#transcode{acodec=alac,channels=2,samplerate=44100}:raop{host=<ip address of aiport express>,volume=175}

15 thoughts on “VLC Airplay on Airport Express

  1. Mac

    I tried to do it, but could not find where to enter the parameters you indicated in my VLC (windows) are you using linux?? which version of VLC are you using… thanks

  2. Julien

    that trick is exactly what I’m looking for ! the only thing, is that I was unable to make it work.

    I’m replacing this expression :

    with digits of the airport express IP address.

    Is there an other setting to apply ?


  3. Chris

    It works fine with mp3 and m4a files but not with flac files… What a pity ! With a “normal” stream, flac works fine, maybe VLC realtime recodes FLAC to ALAC in its usual way of working which is bypassed by using a defined stream key… If someone succeeded in doing this trick with flac files, please tell !!!! Thanks.

  4. scocasso

    Doesn’t work for me.
    Plays from itunes, but from VLC, I get yellow-exclamation-mark-triangles next to the songs and nothing plays at all.

  5. bart

    works perfectly, thank you very much!!! Just follow the steps, close the program and voila!!! Mine works great with the Airport Express firmware version 7.6

  6. mlte

    I have the same issue, and tried to reset the airport connection to create a network without password, but its compulsory.. Any idea to bypass this problem ?

  7. werdnA

    This works wonderfully for music.

    I would also like to just use this for video running on my computer.

    So ie I watch a movie and stream the audio through the airport express but the video stays on the monitor.

    So this is what it looks like now for me. What can we add or subtract to make the audio only go and let the video stay?


    I have disabled “enable video stream output” so that is not doing it.

  8. DJ Distraction

    what if I have 2 airport and I want to stream it in two speakers, what’s gonna be the IP address declaration?

  9. AirPlay fan

    [Realizing this post may not be active anymore] What about Apple TV? Has anyone been able to stream from VLC to Apple TV, and if yes, could you share the command line or options. Thanks!

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