Auckland Frost Dates

I had been searching for approximate frost dates for Auckland to help schedule veggie plantings. Luckily the people at NIWA are nice and respond very quickly to emails. I was told that ground frosts are days where grass minimum temperature are less than -1.0 degree C. Screen frosts are when the air temperature dips below 0.0 degrees C.

Using NIWA’s free data explorer tool “Cliflo” and the closest weather station to me I came up with the following data:

First Frost: 2009-04-10
Last Frost: 2009-09-09

First Frost: 2008-04-21
Last Frost: 2008-09-07

First Frost: 2007-05-29
Last Frost: 2007-10-04

First Frost: 2006-05-31
Last Frost: 2006-09-19

First Frost: 2005-04-22
Last Frost: 2005-09-03

First Frost: 2004-05-21
Last Frost: 2004-09-30

First Frost: 2003-04-26
Last Frost: 2003-10-27

First Frost: 2002-07-14
Last Frost: 2002-10-24

First Frost: 2001-05-29
Last Frost: 2001-09-29

First Frost: 2000-06-14
Last Frost: 2000-09-29

This averages out to:

First Frost: May 19
Last Frost: September 27

Hopefully this helps the local gardeners. Join me on Folia

1 thought on “Auckland Frost Dates

  1. Carmella James

    Thanks for this. Been searching for hours. Do you happen to have more current data?. I live just south of the Bombay hills in Mangatangi.
    Happy gardening

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