Creating Access ODBC datasource under Windows 7 (64bit)

I had to create an ODBC datasource for an access database on my Windows 7 machine and for some reason the *.mdb driver doesn’t show up in the control panel ODBC administrator.

After much swearing and google-ing I found the solution.

In C:\windows\sysWOW64 there is an executable called odbcad32.exe. You need to run this exe as administrator to gain access to all the ODBC drivers that come with Microsoft Office, etc.

Thanks Microsoft for another fine product!

27 thoughts on “Creating Access ODBC datasource under Windows 7 (64bit)

  1. karthi

    ter is no such exe file fr me after tat sysvow64 ter is only folder called oode …wat to do????
    plss help me

  2. suman

    hai sir..its only working two are three times then automatically destroy all driver information …whats problem what can i do..then hoe can i solve this problem..please tell me..

  3. Bhargav

    The problm was completely solved ….. Greattt ….!!!

  4. ketan

    I can’t select MS ACCESS dbs option in odbc data source admin.from windows7(64 bit)
    as I click on add option.
    plz help me.

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