Windows XP 32bit drivers for Dell Studio XPS 435MT

We just recieved a couple of new computers today, shiny new Dell Studio XPS 435MT boxes. As everyone here still runs XP 32bit I decided to reinstall the new computers with the same OS, so we didn’t run into any compatability problems. The problem is Dell doesn’t support any other operating systems on these computers other than Vista 64bit!

After searching around the internet for a couple of hours I found the drivers needed, they are as follows:

Network (Intel 82567):*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng

Chipset (Intel X58):*+XP+Professional&lang=eng&strOSs=44&submit=Go!

Graphics (ATI Radeon 4850):

Audio (Realtek HD Audio):

I hope this helps anyone with a similar problem

7 thoughts on “Windows XP 32bit drivers for Dell Studio XPS 435MT

  1. Eduardo

    Wow, i just ran into this and very glad i found your post. This is probably my first post online…..THANKS!!!!!!

  2. Harry Merkin

    YOU ROCK !

    Thanks for the post. You saved me and countless other folks hours of frustraion.

    This might be one of the last fast Dell’s that supports XP, albeit secretly.

    Such a deal.

  3. Bitto

    Thanks to God i bumped into your post!My Dell Studio XPS 435MT yesterday, i checked it and it was infested with had vista! So i overwrote it by installing xp pro sp3 and 1st, it couldnt read my 9gb ram, 2nd i tried intalling drivers from the provided disk and there were no drivers, damn.
    I cant handle vista since am running cs4 aftereffects,photoshop, cinema 4d and maya….! I love pcs ( lots of helpful plugins/open source softwares : . i also use an octpro and if this doesnt work for me i jump too mac fully!
    I will try then let you know how it goes!
    Thanks in Advance.

  4. baklogic

    Thanks- you now need to look for Intel 82567, in their list on the left of that page, under network/ethernet controllers.
    Good work — very helpful

  5. Greg MacKenzie


    Great links, thanks. We recently had a problem with the Dell XPS435mt our daughter gave us. It kept quitting 10-15 minutes after startup. This problem turned out to the OEM SATA hard drive. I removed it and replaced it with a 250 GB drive, however this immediately presented the problem of what to do next. I wanted to install 32 bit Vista Home Premium and through your post I was able to locate a 32 bit ethernet driver for Vista, which I’m hoping will work when I get a chance to install it this weekend.

    By the way, I did install Puppy Linux 5.4.3 to the new drive last weekend, because I hadn’t found a driver last then for the ethernet card, and it works out of the box without having to go searching for drivers. Thanks again for your post.


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