Monitoring Apache with LARRD and Big Brother

I managed to figure out how to monitor Apache with Big Brother and LARRD. As it’s not very well documented I thought I’d share it with everyone.

First set your apache server to display status in the apache httpd.conf:


SetHandler server-status
Order deny,allow
Deny from all
Allow from

ExtendedStatus On

Setting extended status to On does slow down the server a little bit, but it’s usually not noticeable. Remember to limit access to the status page to just the IP where your Big Brother server is monitoring from.

Add apache to @DATALIST in

Then in your (under the larrd directory) you’ll need to hardcode the servers you want to monitor.

%host_h = (
‘server01’ => {
port => “80”,
url => “”,

The first part of the host_h array is to identify which server to attach the RRD file with. In this instance I’m monitoring a server called server01 and the website I have setup with the server-status page is If your host is a FQDN (fully qualified domain name) then you can omit the full url and just have /server-status?auto and Big Brother will work out the URL.

With any luck you’ll have 4 new graphs on your trends/LARRD page.

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