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  2. Eric


    Thanks so much for this. Does it actually contain every region and it’s associate suburbs for NZ??

    Thanks so much – > how do I make a donation?

  3. noodles Post author

    It contains every region, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to list the regions in the database as regions change depending on what source you look at.

    It’s on the list of things to do.

  4. Ken

    Hi, we are looking for a system to identify the general area of the country the post code is from and calculate the distance between NZ post codes. Will your info do this or can you suggest where we might be able to get this?

  5. Owen

    Any progress on the districts (esp councils) correlation with postcodes? It would be very useful. . .

  6. John

    I just saw this blog and wondered if you could help me.
    I am looking to check distances between NZ postcodes so that I can check how many business are in one area ( and within certain distance from each postcode )

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

    Thanks John

  7. Dave

    I’m looking to do a project at Uni using postcodes of students, however approx 2/3’rds are in the old format. I’m only looking at projecting the data at TA level, so the problem of going from one old postcode to many is not an issue. What I’m looking for is a conversion from the old postcode to one of the new, so for Hamilton it would be 2001 (old) to say 3200 (3204,6,10,14 etc), does anyone know where I could find anything like this?

  8. Brent

    I am looking at loading distances between every suburb (using the NZ Post suburb list) in NZ into our transport software. I thought that perhaps one way of doing it would be to base it on average distances between postal codes. Is there a comprehensive postal code to postal code grid or database of distances that matches the current NZ Post list of Postal Codes?

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